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Dress Code for Lady Golfers

Times have changed, especially the women’s apparel on the golf course.  Women’s guidelines have changed dramatically thanks to the LPGA.  If in doubt, tune in on TV and see what the lady professionals are wearing.  Be sue to check the dress code of the golf course where you are playing before leaving the house for the course.   We have latitude, but not on every course and there is nothing worse than being told that you are not appropriately dressed and you need to bring out your credit card to buy from the over priced pro shop.

I have two basic guidelines…be sure you are comfortable and appropriate for golf.  Tight clothes rarely offer comfort and should therefore not be worn on the course (this includes shorts, pants, and your shirt).  We have virtual carte blanche to select a top as long as it’s not form-fitting and covers the belly. Women usually will wear a collared shirt, but it can have buttons or a zipper,  a V-neck, sleeves or no sleeves, and T shirts.  I tend to buy shirts that are hip length so I don’t have to tuck them in.  If you do tuck in your golf shirt, make sure it is long enough so that it doesn’t slip out during your golf swing.  Is you are large breasted, I highly recommend a sports bra.  One that is, again, comfortable yet keeps your swing cleaner.  Stay away from short shorts…you bend over constantly in golf and you do not want to embarrass your team mates.  It’s a question of respect.  It helps to keep in mind if you are matched up with other golfers on number one tee, would you be comfortable.

Golf shoes have plastic cleats to help reduce slipping on the course, especially if the ground is wet.  Find a few pair to wear and I recommend golf sandals.  Golf shoes with socks can become very warm in the summer and leave an unsightly tan line above your ankles.  Golf sandals are great to reduce that tan line and they are typically lighter in weight than a golf shoe.  You will have to remove your sandals after a bunker shot to wipe the sand off your feet.  Most courses only requirement with golf shoes is no metal cleats which are no longer available.

If it is cold and windy be sure to wear long pants and a sweater.  I typically layer my clothing in hope that the sun will come out and the wind will die down.  Keep some rain gear in your bag just in case a storm erupts.  You will probably stop play, but wet clothes, anywhere, is not a good time!  On those sunny days, be sure to wear a golf hat or visor to protect your face.  You might also want to wear sunglasses to reduce the glare and they do help watching and finding your golf ball.

Wearing a golf glove is suggested for a few reasons.   A glove helps keep your grip on the club without any slippage and it reduced the callouses on your hands.  Try to get in the habit of removing your glove once you reach the green.  If I keep my glove on the entire round, after 3 days my hand has an obvious tan line and I hate tan lines.

I see the majority of women wearing skorts these days on the course.  The look is professional and they are so comfortable.  They can also be worn off the course.  Buy some solids, mild prints, and if you are daring, something more exciting!